Month: August 2006

Nokia tells no lies

Na vlaku se par slika s telefonom, ženska pogleda sliko in reče:”A to sva midva?” — On a train, a couple takes their photo with a cam-phone, then looks at it. Female: This is us?

Arrogant Worms – I am cow

[audio:] I am cow, hear me moo I weigh twice as much as you And I look good on the barbecue Yogurt, curd, cream cheese and butters Made from liquid from my udders I am cow, I am cow, hear me moo (moo) I am cow, eating grass Methane gas […]

Public service announcement

At it happens, we`ll be making a quick run to the sea this weekend. Our mission – to introduce the world of blogs to the seaside population. If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by. I`m sure it`ll be as least as interesting as the Paris Hilton`s […]

GZS sucks major cocks!

GZS (Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije) or in english Chamber of commerce and industry of Slovenia is cheating at its own show! When I registered the si.blogs site for the Netko award, the descriptions of the categories were far from those which are featured on the site today. The bastards changed it […]

Superman conflict

A: Supermana gledam. Prvih dvajset minut je krneki. B: Awww…a ni tam Lois Lane? A: Je, sam to je ta star superman. Gene Hackman pa Marlon Brando… B: Aha…in kdo od njiju je Lois? — A: I`m watching Superman. The first twenty minutes is pretty sucky. B: Awww…there`s no Lois […]

LOC – Laugh-on-command syndrome

This fits into the category “Sir postALot and Lady NotAKat walk into a theater”. And then shit happens. This time, it was the laugh-on-command syndrome that struck. It usually happens when the crowd is expecting something and then no matter what, it reacts to its expectations. So for example, if […]

Preparations for si.blogs meet 2k7

Please, don`t panic. This is just unofficial preparation for the meet. Since we already pulled off meet no. 1, meet no. 2 and meet no. 3 with a total success, the organisers learned that the best way is to plan ahead. Despite David, who thinks that things happen cause god […]