Na vlaku se par slika s telefonom, ženska pogleda sliko in reče:”A to sva midva?” — On a train, a couple takes their photo with a cam-phone, then looks at it. Female: This is us?

Arrogant Worms – I am cow

11.08.2006  •  Osebno14

[audio:] I am cow, hear me moo I weigh twice as much as you And I look good on the barbecue Yogurt, curd, cream cheese and butters Made from liquid from my udders I am cow, I am cow, hear me moo (moo) I am cow, eating grass Methane gas comes out my ass And

At it happens, we`ll be making a quick run to the sea this weekend. Our mission – to introduce the world of blogs to the seaside population. If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by. I`m sure it`ll be as least as interesting as the Paris Hilton`s new CD.

GZS sucks major cocks!

08.08.2006  •  Osebno1

GZS (Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije) or in english Chamber of commerce and industry of Slovenia is cheating at its own show! When I registered the si.blogs site for the Netko award, the descriptions of the categories were far from those which are featured on the site today. The bastards changed it while you could register your

A: Supermana gledam. Prvih dvajset minut je krneki. B: Awww…a ni tam Lois Lane? A: Je, sam to je ta star superman. Gene Hackman pa Marlon Brando… B: Aha…in kdo od njiju je Lois? — A: I`m watching Superman. The first twenty minutes is pretty sucky. B: Awww…there`s no Lois Lane? A: There is, but

This fits into the category “Sir postALot and Lady NotAKat walk into a theater”. And then shit happens. This time, it was the laugh-on-command syndrome that struck. It usually happens when the crowd is expecting something and then no matter what, it reacts to its expectations. So for example, if I expect something to be

Please, don`t panic. This is just unofficial preparation for the meet. Since we already pulled off meet no. 1, meet no. 2 and meet no. 3 with a total success, the organisers learned that the best way is to plan ahead. Despite David, who thinks that things happen cause god shakes its magic rattle and