Trnfest in da house!

05.08.2006  •  Osebno3

Once again, August is here and with it one of the best (and free) events this city has to offer. TRNFEST (named after the location of ljubljana where the festival is taking place) lasts for five weeks and features musicians, theater-folks, photographers, scuplturers and the lot. You name it, they got it. Or they`ll have

You don`t need fancy plugins. You don`t need fancy cars. You don`t need a lot of money. All you need is love… oh and this… < a title="Submit '< ?php the_title(); ? >‘ to” href=”< ?php the_permalink() ? >” > Reddit this! Take this piece of code, correct the brackets and shove it…erm…into the

I just applied Si.blogs portal we all know and adore to the Netko 2006 race. Netko is an annual award for the best business and personal webpage that is given by the Ministry of education and the Chamber of commerce and industry of Slovenia. The si.blogs portal will be competing in the “Media and info-portals”

Apparently, that`s the new slogan and market approach by the begging lot. True story follows… I finish work at seven thirty in the evening. I grab my mp3 player, set it to Gotan project, pump up the volume and walk outside. There`s a few drops of rain here and there, but nothing too serious. I

Working for The man got me realised something. There is no news. Let me elaborate… Things happen. Nobody is deying that. Hezbollah and Israel are dooking it out, there are accidents happening and politics are live and kicking. However, the way these news travel makes them void of content and newsworthiness. Let me give you

Postcards from the sea

02.08.2006  •  Osebno1