I normally don`t buy CDs (anymore). Special occasions or special CDs still happen, and that is when I give something back to the industry that`s been sucking us dry. Or is the other way around?

Anyway, introducing the slovene group called The Stroj (the name of the group is a mixture of english preposition THE and the slovene word MACHINE, which when combined and said out loud give an english word DESTROY. Wonders of language, huh?).

The thing that makes The Stroj special is their way of making music. No violins here. No guitars either. Just human voices and a lot of junk material. You know, barrels, pipes, wires and stuff. Scrap heap music!

You can listen to some of their works on their homepage, but the thing that really caught my eye this time is the package.

The front and back are made from real metal. Which makes the CD a little more expensive but also special in terms of design and delivery. And interesting approach since CDs are usually nothing more than 10 grams of plastic and 5 grams of paper. It got me thinking if maybe this is a way to “rescue” the music industry since we are living in an era where everything is more or less up for download and nobody really buys “plain” CDs anymore. Hm…

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