There is an interesting development going on over at Vecer. It would appear that Zvone, the leader of the Vecer blogging pack set off the explosion by announcing the 10,000 views record blog.

The competition between slovene media companies (delo, dnevnik, vecer) is getting tougher by the minute and blog-hosting is a part of the battlefield, since by proxy, people who read Vecer blogs also scan Vecer main site. People who read Delo blogs, also scan Delo main site…and so forth.

This is exactly why I do not approve blog servers that are combined with a site that also offers a product. Sure, it`s the easiest way to get people to read your main site and learn about the product as well, but it`s a cheap shot. Almost as cheap as my ex-pussy and cock movie titles, which raised my blog hits.

All this competition is bad for the blogging community since there`s a feeling of superiority and inferiority. Blogs are suppose to be free for all media, without any race involved. Sure, some blogs are better than others, they have more interesting content and people like to read them more than others, but turning preferences into a race…that`s not nice.

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