Count me in, count me out…


There is an interesting development going on over at Vecer. It would appear that Zvone, the leader of the Vecer blogging pack set off the explosion by announcing the 10,000 views record blog.

The competition between slovene media companies (delo, dnevnik, vecer) is getting tougher by the minute and blog-hosting is a part of the battlefield, since by proxy, people who read Vecer blogs also scan Vecer main site. People who read Delo blogs, also scan Delo main site…and so forth.

This is exactly why I do not approve blog servers that are combined with a site that also offers a product. Sure, it`s the easiest way to get people to read your main site and learn about the product as well, but it`s a cheap shot. Almost as cheap as my ex-pussy and cock movie titles, which raised my blog hits.

All this competition is bad for the blogging community since there`s a feeling of superiority and inferiority. Blogs are suppose to be free for all media, without any race involved. Sure, some blogs are better than others, they have more interesting content and people like to read them more than others, but turning preferences into a race…that`s not nice.


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  1. Mitja

    Using blogs as a promotion for a commercial site is perfectly natural from the perspective od the site – you can’t blame it. You can only blame the bloggers who fall for this ploy. The question is, why do they fall for it? It seems they get something out of it, considering that there are independent free blog hosting services out there. If they do, you have a situation where somebody is offering a product which people like and use – nothing wrong with that. Or do you think people use blog hosting tied to a commercial site merely out of ignorance?

  2. jin

    I think bloggers should primary care for the number of real readers they have, not some inflated numbers of page loads. On Vecer Zvone said and their statistics show their best writers have over 10000 hits. That is all nonsense in my opinion.

    It is of course true that if you have some wacky and sex related titles on your blog you’ll get extra trafic, but, what does that help you if those searching for that content will just leave after seeing there is nothing there?

    Once again, bloggers need real readers, readers who search for some content and find it there, or better, readers who regulary come back.

    And, if we are speaking of these two cathegories, there isn’t much traffic, is there. How many comments do Slovenian blogs have on average? Not many. Yes, true, we are somewhat introverted, but, if bloggers, who say they have thousands upon thousands hits, have only few comments here and there, then there realy can’t be much valuable hits there.

  3. Domen

    I am not blaming the commercial sites. They do what they have to. It`s business. The blame is on the users. It would be interesting to see why DO people go to eDnevnik or delo blog or vecer blog. I mean, people on Blogger are bitching about categories and you have who is exactly the same as Blogger in terms of usability, but does have categories, nice themes and stuff. So yeah, I think part of the reason is ignorance. Part of the reason in my opinion is also peer pressure. Everybody is using Blogger so why the hell would I use anything else?

    And as for comments…some people actually discourage them. They don`t want “other people” messing up “their” blog. So they either delete comments or disable them all together. Only the comments that praise the author actually get through. Where`s the point in that?

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  5. Hirkani

    I was so interested at this topic on Saturday that I’ve published a test blog with some posts on Vecer. In only two days I got more than 2.000 visitors. According to my primary log-site on WordPress this numbers are pretty much lower, specially during weekend.

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  7. had

    lahko je priti na 20k obiskov/teden s pomocjo goljufije.. ampak nemogoce je priti na posten nacin.. poskusil sem z vsemi mogocimi forumi in ostalim, pa ni slo.. s toparkom pa mi je uspelo v parih urah.. je to smisel? ni!


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