And by IT, I mean this, followed by this.

According to my sources, the battle is raging between Viki Voglar and Maja Weiss, about who holds the “First female slovene director of a feature film”.

After first round of interviews, it turns out that Viki Volger is the first female director, since she made her first film “Obleka naredi človeka” almost five years before Maja made her movie “Varuh meje“.

The problem is, Maja`s film did get a distributor and Viki`s did not. Which brings us to the “conspiracy” part of the plot. Turns out, there`s no unanimous definition of what makes the movie public. Is it the last shot? The public viewing? Or the distributing part?

In my unprofessional opinion, I`d say public viewing, since the distributing part is like saying that milk only turns to milk when you buy it at a supermarket. If you buy it at a farmhouse, it does not count. And if that is the case (and some professionals agree that it is), then Viki`s the winner and Maja is a sore loser.

Stay tuned for more!

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