Horror movies suck. So why do I keep watching them?

Well, for one, I can safely say that I did not see Silent hill. I tried to see it, I was seeing it…but I did not see it. That is because this movie is so confusing, teletubbies make more sense to me.

Silent hill is about a woman and her daughter who misteriously disappears in a city called Silent hill. The mother tries to find her and finds…erm…something else instead. I don`t know what because I blanked out and when I woke up, the movie was over. The second time I tried to see it, I saw that the woman was running away from some “scary” things…and then I blanked out again. And the third time I tried to see it, apparently the “scary” things were not real…and that is all I know about the movie Silent hill.

Boring. Overstretched. Dumb. The end.