Month: September 2006

The best way to treat Blogos…

Reading the post on Hapax Legomena, I can only say…Blogos is nothing more than just another fucking blog hosting server and the fact that it is hosted by the mighty SiOL does not help much. The same goes for every single other server that is combined with a newspaper webpage. […]

The lost city

Now this one is a pearl. After “Silent hill”, this movie was a cure for sore brain, eyes and ears. The story revolves around a family in Cuba, before, during and after the revolution. It`s a big family, three sons and all and each of them lives a different life. […]

Silent hill

Horror movies suck. So why do I keep watching them? Well, for one, I can safely say that I did not see Silent hill. I tried to see it, I was seeing it…but I did not see it. That is because this movie is so confusing, teletubbies make more sense […]

Moving to Blogos…

…is a really dumb-shit to do. Look, I know you people wanna look trendy and everybody`s doing it, so why can`t I and stuff…but the fact is…moving to an ugly blogging platform won`t do you any good. Cause let`s face it…it`s ugly, dumb and full of adds. Why in the […]

Blog hoarding by the tune of night clubbing by Iggy Pop

Blog hoarding, we`re Blog hoarding We`re what`s happening Blog hoarding, we`re Blog hoarding We`re the crap machine We see people brand new people They`re something to see When we`re Blog hoarding Bright-white hoarding Oh isn`t it wild? Blog hoarding, we`re Blog hoarding We`re shitting the web Blog hoarding, we`re Blog […]

I am your average slovene blogger…

I got a blog on blogger, ednevnik, delo blog, vecer blog, siol blog, volja blok, blokec,,, msn live spaces, self-made bloggin software and more. And what do I write about on these different blogs? SAME OLE SHIT!

The Race is on! Another company joins the blog-race and what do you now, it`s the biggest ISP in the country. From the first look of it (the whole shebang started today, so this is sort of an exclusive) it looks way too crowded for my taste. But hey, they […]