And by IT, I mean this, followed by this. According to my sources, the battle is raging between Viki Voglar and Maja Weiss, about who holds the “First female slovene director of a feature film”. After first round of interviews, it turns out that Viki Volger is the first female director, since she made her

You call yourself normal?

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Namely, the Cruise family. It`s not enough that the head of the family jumps up and down on public televison, it`s not enough that the mother is looking like a crack whore…now they are bringing back the oldest trick in the book. The We are normal people trying to live our normal lives trick. OK.

The previous video is only a trailer…to a much bigger bang. Introducing… 24 poljubov! Note the professional design? The colors! The animation! The subtle “Created with CoffeeCup Firestarter Shareware” logo in the lower left corner! The fancy clicking sound! And of course…a bulletproof URL! You can also find it on IMDB – they thought of

There is an interesting development going on over at Vecer. It would appear that Zvone, the leader of the Vecer blogging pack set off the explosion by announcing the 10,000 views record blog. The competition between slovene media companies (delo, dnevnik, vecer) is getting tougher by the minute and blog-hosting is a part of the

(for spotting of past attempts, see Simobil, Playboy, Geo and Benetton) I am scared of this one. Mostly because without the stubble on his chin, it could as easily be a she. Seriously, they could not find man who also emmits a certain degree of manliness? Or did they go with someone`s transexual son just

The Stroj – Cona

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I normally don`t buy CDs (anymore). Special occasions or special CDs still happen, and that is when I give something back to the industry that`s been sucking us dry. Or is the other way around? Anyway, introducing the slovene group called The Stroj (the name of the group is a mixture of english preposition THE

A: Dej bejž stran, k ti iz ust po kolodontu smrdi! — A: Ugh. You reek of toothpaste!

While you were busy doing god knows what, I was interviewing the mayor of Brezovica muncipiality. Check it out on