Lazy journalists

31.10.2006  •  Osebno6

When will they stop calling Crnkovič and Jonas every time the subject of blogs comes up? Seriously, these two guys are doing more damage than they are doing good, since they don`t know anything. And when will journalists get that names aren`t everything? That you actually have to KNOW something to pass the knowledge forward?

No time…

30.10.2006  •  Osebno3


29.10.2006  •  Osebno0

This is interesting. Nomen est omen or so they say. Cute nomen est cute omen or so I say. Actually, I just made that up. Made-up names are constructing our own reality. We name things the way we want them to be. People give themselves cute pet names because they want to appear cute and…erm…pet-like.

Enough already!

27.10.2006  •  Osebno4

Yes, I know. It is horrible. It is scary. It is everything short of the apocalypse. Now please… stop… posting… IT… on every fucking website! Seriously…what`s so new about it? Surely you knew that those women are just like your girlfriend, mother, wife…and Dove is not doing anything else but cashing in on the audience`s

but lately, it`s becoming more and more of a rumour. Some quick info… went to the festival and talked to her. Interesting. Also talked to him and him. Interesting as well. I also wrote this. If this blog was gone…would you miss it?

Delo report – they changed it. Dnevnik report

I watched the news today where the debate was going on concerning the recent CD/DVD/USB/you name it taxation. It seems to me that this government does not know shit. And that trips to Austria will become more frequent. Hi, Novala! 😀

Looking good…

19.10.2006  •  Osebno0

Bloggers have entered the mainstream media again and they are looking good. After reading the article, I can only say – Good show and thanks for all the fish!

…only to realise the door is locked and they have you wait for them to open? It`s so funny. I went to the bank and noticed that they open at three o`clock, which meant that I have to wait for ten minutes. I bought myself a small rice chocolate and waited, observing as more people