So…it happened. And it was better than I expected. Bloggers by alphabet (if someone`s missing, let me know):

1. Andreja (Drejček in trije marsovčki)
2. Baya (Bayaland)
3. BeeBee (My so-called blog) – award for 1st place in Best blog of 2006
4. Brian (Pogovor)
5. Bojan (Mayhem in monsterland)
6. Bojana (Con Brio)
7. Borut (Dancing Photography)
8. David (Bite my Bytes) – award for the biggest fukitol of 2006
9. Domen (Kernov blog)
10. Franc (LiLoLe in Mikrobiolog) – award for best-dressed blogger
11. Had (:Had:)
12. Janez (Ja-Ne-Z)
13. Katja (Morska deklica)
14. Klemen (
15. Lea (Hobit`s smile)
16. Los Carlos (Un Argentino en Eslovenia) – award for 1st place in Best argentinian blog of 2006
17. Matej (
18. Michael (Glory of Carniola)
19. Mladen (I want some Moore!)
20. Norc (Bežeči norec)
21. Tamara (Centrifuga) – 3rd place in Best blog of 2006
22. Urban (Svetlobne iluzije)
23. Ula (Ulala`s diary) – award for best newcomer of 2006

and yours truly.

The award ceremony stared after the intial first half hour of arrivals. Our designated driver, Matej, who drove BeeBee, Baya and me to the meet was punctual and professional. I recommend his service!

The crowd got bigger and bigger, with bloggers from all over the world dropping by. We had Americans, Irish, Argentinians and a whole lot of Slovenes coming to the party. Some knew some from previous encounters but the majority was there for the first time. And I cannot imagine a better blogging baptism.

The place was spot on (Good call, Baya!) and the organisation ran without a hitch. The awards were given, not all of the awardees attended, so we re-elected a few of them. Congrats to all!

People even listened to my speech, I hope I wasn`t too boring or dull and! nobody punched me in the face, so that`s always a good thing. And there was so many photographers present, it felt like the Oscars ceremony. Now…where are those photos? 😀

We had special guests coming from Mladina, doing an article on us. I hope it`ll spread the word and legitimize the si.blogs meet.

Compared to previous meets, this one was an improvement in many ways. Excellent location, a terrific company and a splendid karma. What more could one want? Thanks everyone for coming and I hope you share at least some of my enthusiasm.

There is one thing…name-tags. Will remeber for next year. There IS going to be a next year, righ?!

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