Yes, I know.
It is horrible.
It is scary.
It is everything short of the apocalypse.
Now please…
on every fucking website!

Seriously…what`s so new about it? Surely you knew that those women are just like your girlfriend, mother, wife…and Dove is not doing anything else but cashing in on the audience`s view. Because you bitch about models being out of this world…the companies are changing their strategy…changing, not abandoning it! “If pretty people won`t work…hell..we`ll try something else! Anything to get you to buy our shit and smear it all over your face, calling it cosmetics!”

Newsflash: It`s not a revelation…it`s a strategy. And you fell for it. Every single one of you. And if you thought: “Hey, cookie posted it as well!” you have bigger issues to think about.