Enough already!


Yes, I know.
It is horrible.
It is scary.
It is everything short of the apocalypse.
Now please…
on every fucking website!

Seriously…what`s so new about it? Surely you knew that those women are just like your girlfriend, mother, wife…and Dove is not doing anything else but cashing in on the audience`s view. Because you bitch about models being out of this world…the companies are changing their strategy…changing, not abandoning it! “If pretty people won`t work…hell..we`ll try something else! Anything to get you to buy our shit and smear it all over your face, calling it cosmetics!”

Newsflash: It`s not a revelation…it`s a strategy. And you fell for it. Every single one of you. And if you thought: “Hey, cookie posted it as well!” you have bigger issues to think about.


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  1. Mitja

    Well, of course one has to a fool to find the message of the video anything special (or worse: to fall for the advertisment), but the execution is nevertheless quite neat. I liked it.

  2. Nadezhda

    Or maybe, a very tiny maybe, cookie got it wrong. It’s not that we’re buying Dove or not being able to see their inverted strategy. (And frankly, would it matter if Save the whales foundation released the same video?) I’ve never bought a Dove product in my life and have no such intention whatsoever. It’s seing with your own eyes how they do it. And it’s not just the “how” that interests me – it’s more how it basically doesn’t matter who you have as your model, because you can so drastically change their appearance. Any woman can see that being on a billboard presented as a standard of beauty hardly matters, because in real life you might look totally different.

    And when you have one or only few such videos compared to billions upon billions of computer rendered images advertizing beauty as the ultimate thing worth aspiring for, you cling to every video portraying the other side of the coin. Even if it’s released by a cosmetic company.

  3. Domen

    Most of the posts containing the video had comments which went in the “oh my god, i did not know that was happening!” style. So…

    and as for other side of the coin…beauty is not a black-white thing.


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