… Tako in drugače o slovenskih blogih

Zvone reports of Netko finalists. Thanks to my incompetence, Siblogs did not make the cut. Next year, we`ll rip their throats out.

The day after…

16.10.2006  •  Osebno0

After a very successful si.blogs meet v.4, me and my gorgeous girlfriend hit it off to the coast. What better way to spend your birthday than to go swimming, eat seafood and walk around in the autumn sun?

Si.blogs 2k6 meet

15.10.2006  •  Osebno9

So…it happened. And it was better than I expected. Bloggers by alphabet (if someone`s missing, let me know): 1. Andreja (Drejček in trije marsovčki) 2. Baya (Bayaland) 3. BeeBee (My so-called blog) – award for 1st place in Best blog of 2006 4. Brian (Pogovor) 5. Bojan (Mayhem in monsterland) 6. Bojana (Con Brio) 7.

Happy birthday to me! p.s. Thank you everybody for yesterday. Full report follows in the evening, but right now, I`m hitting the beach with my surprise-birthday-party gorgeous girlfriend.

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According to plan…

12.10.2006  •  Osebno1

If I compare the previous siblogs meet organizing troubles, this one was a piece of cake. And I even managed to take into the account all the suggestions from last year (never mind the fact that I checked them AFTER the work was done). This year, we made everything work with days to spare. It

if I have: one for my phone, one for my camera, one for my recorder, one for my mp3 player and one for my card reader?

All stories must end or so wisemen say, nothing`s forever and all whithers away, I did my best and I paid my fee, but now I fear end is all I see. * Lately, you have been ignoring me, failing to respond and dying on me, so I decided and left you alone, went to