The Black Dahlia

11.10.2006  •  Filmi0

When I first read the original by James Ellroy, I did not get one word. The whole story just swooshed by me like a train and I was left confused. This was the book that everybody admired and praised? This confusion? The second time around however, I managed to catch a glimpse of the magic

We were taking a walk and suddenly, Baya spotted the following scene. B: Oohh…look, he`s trapped! They locked him and threw away the key! Poor garbage can! D: Relax…can`t you see that`s his house? I bet he`s watchings his favourite DVD right now… B: Oh…you sure? D: Positive! …and on we went.


09.10.2006  •  Osebno0

That`s all I have actually. 60 seconds to blog. Great. Speed-blogging, here we come. First off, the place for the meet is set. Storia Trattoria, 19.30, Saturday. Go here for exact location or email me. Plenty of parking space, nice ambient, NO FOOD, opened till 23 o`clock. Second, the story about the first female slovene

So we went. It was the only movie worth seeing and we thought we`d give it a go. The ride First, we had to drove there. Apparently, yesterday was a “Drive 30 km per hour!” day, since everybody was doing exactly that. Never mind the road signs, we`re going for safety here. It felt like

I`m still alive, despite the lack of activity here and I for one will not be like those other slackers who post stuff like “I`m really busy, nothing to say, brb lolz!”. First of all…I quit my job. For the first time in my life. This calls for a celebration. Or not…whatever rocks your boat.