Month: November 2006

Casino Royale and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Movie weekend was made possible by Matej. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer France. Fish market. Birth of an unwanted child. Birth of a monster and a legend. The movie is telling a life story of one Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He is a genius and a monster. A very common combination. […]

Lecture on blogs and teaching

Lecture on blogs and teaching

.pdf presentation (838 kB) .mp3 recording (26 MB, 108 minutes) My impressions: It`s always interesting and great to see people getting involved with new things. Trying out new territories, getting excited about concepts that others think of as child play or trivial. Dr. Franc Viktor Nekrep, one of the, dare […]

Call to all slovene CC bloggers

UPDATE: There will be a node added to website, where all the posts will be combined, together with links to the original blogs. So you DO get listed. — I remember like it was yesterday. The tension. The pressure. CC licenses were coming out in style and I was […]

dot com exlamation point!

A: Dober dan, rad bi izvedel, kateri od vaših telefonov podpirajo RSS feed? B: Joj, na spletni strani imamo katalog, če pa tam ne boste našli, pišite pa na info pika afna simobil pika si. — A: Hello, I was wondering which of your phones support RSS feed? B: There`s […]

Uporaba spletnih dnevnikov (blogov) pri (po)uče(va)nju

Anybody wanna tag along? — V okviru tematskih večerov CTK-ja vas vabimo na predavanje z naslovom Uporaba spletnih dnevnikov (blogov) pri (po)uče(va)nju. Predaval bo prof. dr. Franc Viktor Nekrep z Biotehniške fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani. Predavanje bo v četrtek, 23. novembra 2006 ob 19.30 v Nemški čitalnici CTK-ja, Trg republike […]

Please, exit calmly…

Please, exit calmly…

So we were watching Perfume: The story of murderer and we just got to the part of the real movie (apparently, the movie night out consists of commercials, trailers and by then if you can still remember what movie did you go out to see in the first place, the […]