• Death of a president
  • The thing that made this one re-watchable for me was not the subject, but rather the execution. Of the movie. Not of the assasination. The movie is a fake documentary about Bush assasination that takes a year from now. What the makers did is blend real footage of today and edited it in such a way that statements from Bush and his bunch fit perfectly into the movie scenario. And another thing…does this mean that documentary film is stereotypical in its form?

  • American Dreamz
  • Perfect political satire of the current USA vs. World situation. Forget Michael Moore, Dennis Quaid, Hugh Grant and William Defoe are the best. Telling a story about a special edition of a television show, American Dreamz, where judging is done by the president and where contestants are a terrorist, a white trash girl and a jew. The whole movie feels like a good joke.

  • Nacho Libre
  • Jack Black is…you know how it goes. A story about a monk turned wrestler with slapstick humor and some good lines. Nothing too shocking.

  • Thank you for smoking
  • A story about a tobacco industry representative, who walks around and defends his employer in front of the world. Tagging along is his son who is learning the ropes of business and the ways of the world. Excellent performance by Aaron Eckhart.

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