I know this is turning into a George Carlin number, but consider for a moment lifestyle magazines. They are literally everywhere. People are giving them to you on the street, you can buy them in almost any magazine store and they even exist on the web.

It`s a miracle people are buying them and it`s an even bigger miracle people are following the instructions, that are published in those magazines. It`s amazing! On one hand you have the “be all you can be” motto and on the other hand you have bunches of magazines that are telling you exactly the opposite. Be like that, do this, don`t do that…

Would you believe there`s an actually article about whether or not pants should be tucked inside your boots this autumn? For fuck`s sake people! What`s next? How to wipe your ass and still be hip!?

These lifestyle magazines aren`t journalism. They aren`t literature. They are, pure and simple, crap. A waste of space and a sign of our dumb society.

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