Scorsese is back! After Gangs of New York I became a little skeptical of his talents, but “The Departed” takes the cake.

It`s all in the twist I might say when trying to describe this drama-action flick in which the battle is waged between the good guys and their bad counterparts. But who is who?

The movie is basically a battle between who finds the rat first. Will it be the police with the avid Martin Sheen as the head inspector or will it be the mobsters with the elusive Jack Nicholson?

The story actually does not have a center hero but focuses mainly on the duel between the police and the mob, which brings it closer to Heat than Casino (the latter being named numerous times as a comparison). Excellent acting by de Caprio, Wahlberg, Sheen and Damon, along with the rest of the cast. A truly good action-drama.

And to explain this…the song by Dropkick Murphys is playing in the soundtrack of the movie…

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