So we were watching Perfume: The story of murderer and we just got to the part of the real movie (apparently, the movie night out consists of commercials, trailers and by then if you can still remember what movie did you go out to see in the first place, the actual movie) when lights turned on. The movie kept playing and after a few minutes the movie stopped playing as well, the guy came in and said: “We got a report of a bomb. Please exit calmly, all tickets will be refunded.”

Out of the following three reactions, which one do you think prevailed?

a) Oh my fucking god! They are going to kill us all! *stampede*
b) What? You`re joking! *laughter*
c) Shit, let`s get the fuck out of here *scuttle*

There were some things that bother me.

They evacuated the Kolosej theater but not the McDonald’s, which is located beneath it. The refund is only valid if you cash it in at the Kolosej and not at Komuna, which also sells tickets for the Kolosej and is waaaay closer. According to this report by Delo, the swat team only took half an hour to scan the entire multi complex, and by the count of cars parked outside, there was (only) 20 cops (tops) at the scene. One does wonder how seriously these threats are taken by the police itself. And of course…there was no bomb. So much for my keanu-reeves-speed moment.

Another thing is the reaction of the crowd. People were laughing and taking it as a joke. I know that these things happened before and that the Kolosej is a popular target of prank calls, but still… amazing just how used to this sort of crap one becomes. A bomb? Blow me (away).

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