There will be a node added to CreativeCommons.si website, where all the posts will be combined, together with links to the original blogs. So you DO get listed.

I remember like it was yesterday. The tension. The pressure. CC licenses were coming out in style and I was dragged in the middle of the whole buzz.

Why am I using it?

First of, I think it`s nifty. You get a tag, you get listed on the CC.si website and you are a part of the community which does not go for restrictions but for permissions. Which does not forbid, but allows. And I think that`s cool too.

The coolness factor also comes into the account when people are respecting the rights you willingly give away. Like the right to copy. The right to build upon. And the right to use. Another cool thing.

Creative Commons – Cause it`s cool to share!

Why do you use creative commons licenses? Post on your blog and contribute!

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