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It`s always interesting and great to see people getting involved with new things. Trying out new territories, getting excited about concepts that others think of as child play or trivial. Dr. Franc Viktor Nekrep, one of the, dare I say, elite older members of the Slovene blogosphere, is very well informed on blogs, especially when one compares him with the likes of Crnković and Žnidaršič, who, despite their well-known blogs, are clueless on the subject.

His lecture on blogs and teaching procedure is all about basics. The thing people need the most when encountering blogs for the first time. The whats, whos, and hows are covered in a playful yet very punctual manner and despite the fact that the lecture is a little short on examples, dr. Nekrep still managed to get the audience excited about this new media. The second part of the lecture, where dr. Nekrep deals with the usage of blogs in a learning discourse could use a little touch-up, but is still very informative and is opening new horizons to the public.

For me, the lecture was not as much about the new information as it was on the new way of the delivery of that information. And in my opinion, this was the best lecture on blogs from a Slovene author. Listen to it, combine the listening part with the presentation and tell me if I am wrong.

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