Month: December 2006

Year in review

Text: January 2006 – Si.blogs 2k5 meet February 2006 – Subculture? March 2006 – Play, boy! April 2006 – Vulgar display of…erm…manhood May 2006 – Prvi slovenski prevod WordPressa – delujoč in suprfajn June 2006 – Why VIP blogs are a bad idea July 2006 – Sea-food August 2006 – […]

Politics on Christmas

It seems that our countrymen have a unique sense of style and symbolism. Tearing down someone`s house in Christmas time is nothing more than an award-winning move. I mean seriously, I know that people wrote way too many posts concerning the Strojan family and I was reasonably quiet the whole […]

A wild card

The first person who drops its real address in my e-mailbox, gets a signed X-mas card from “The L Files”. And…go! * Just like last year…

X-mas time is here!

It`s official. I received my first xmas card today which means that the season is officially opened. It feels weird, there`s not an ounce of snow to be seen or felt, the work-tempo is still amazing and all and all, there`s nothing there to point out to the fact that […]

The art of listening

Sitting amidst the gang made me realise once again just how nice it is to shut up for a while and just listen to others. I know this may come as a shock for some of my audience, but it`s true. The debate on blogs, a follow-up to my last […]

Great minds think alike…

A: Did you see the current theme word for friday15? B: Yeah, and besides filming my cock, I am drawing a blank. A: Haha! Same here! — A: Si videl besedo za friday? B: Zaenkrat, razen da svojga kurca posnamem, nimam idej A:LOL … isto 😀 😀