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Friday? Friday? Friday?

Year in review

25.12.2006  •  Osebno0

Text: January 2006 – Si.blogs 2k5 meet February 2006 – Subculture? March 2006 – Play, boy! April 2006 – Vulgar display of…erm…manhood May 2006 – Prvi slovenski prevod WordPressa – delujoč in suprfajn June 2006 – Why VIP blogs are a bad idea July 2006 – Sea-food August 2006 – Beggars XP – You should

Politics on Christmas

23.12.2006  •  Osebno13

It seems that our countrymen have a unique sense of style and symbolism. Tearing down someone`s house in Christmas time is nothing more than an award-winning move. I mean seriously, I know that people wrote way too many posts concerning the Strojan family and I was reasonably quiet the whole time (maybe cause news is

(Screenshot from Carniola!)

Person of the year 2006

17.12.2006  •  Osebno9

Original article

A wild card

14.12.2006  •  Osebno8

The first person who drops its real address in my e-mailbox, gets a signed X-mas card from “The L Files”. And…go! * Just like last year…

X-mas time is here!

13.12.2006  •  Osebno12

It`s official. I received my first xmas card today which means that the season is officially opened. It feels weird, there`s not an ounce of snow to be seen or felt, the work-tempo is still amazing and all and all, there`s nothing there to point out to the fact that we are heading into the

Sitting amidst the gang made me realise once again just how nice it is to shut up for a while and just listen to others. I know this may come as a shock for some of my audience, but it`s true. The debate on blogs, a follow-up to my last week`s lecture on blogging and

A: Did you see the current theme word for friday15? B: Yeah, and besides filming my cock, I am drawing a blank. A: Haha! Same here! — A: Si videl besedo za friday? B: Zaenkrat, razen da svojga kurca posnamem, nimam idej A:LOL … isto 😀 😀