There seems to be great confusion about what the blogosphere is all about. What is its purpose, its meaning, its goal. Whether or not such a goal even exists. And in how many ways exactly can a blogosphere be defined and described.

I for one am in favor of all the blogs that are out there. Discriminate none, delete none, commit yourself to doing what you do best and let no one get in your way. There`s plenty of space for everyone to go around!

Expression is everything. There is no greater freedom than the freedom of the web (that does not apply for piracy, pedophiles and sexual predators…) and we should embrace it, use it to the greatest extend possible.

Now click pause.

Weblogs are a tool. Similar to a hammer in my opinion. You can use it to build houses or bring them down. To create or to destroy. To sharpen or to dull. There are many usage of the same tool. Tool is defined by its usage. And in my opinion, people are not aware of all the different usages of this same wonderful tool.

Social benefit. Two simple words. And at the same time the meaning of the blogosphere. Functionality. Does it work? If yes…keep it. If not…change it.

I think some do not know what they are talking about. Framing blogs will be the death of them? If you check the state of the blogosphere, the growth is slowing down. Although it`s not significant (yet) I think we can write it off as illiteracy. People are starting to perceive blogs as “something”. For some, blogs are diaries. For some, blogs are the web. For some, blogs are a medium. Which of these definitions will prevail? It does not have to, but communities that perceive blogs as diaries are sure not going to use them the way communities that perceive blogs as a medium will. And can those two communities even use the same term for their tool? Because, the way things are now, people are narrowing their own options. Why? Cause there`s no one to tell them otherwise.

Be all that you CAN be…