Sitting amidst the gang made me realise once again just how nice it is to shut up for a while and just listen to others. I know this may come as a shock for some of my audience, but it`s true.

The debate on blogs, a follow-up to my last week`s lecture on blogging and journalism featured several bloggers from through-out the Slovene blogosphere, each with its own unique story about this phenomenon.

“The flesh behind words” as I called this meeting was meant for the audience to get a glimpse of the world behind blogs, the minds that create the content and share it online.

The audience to me seemed passive and mildly amused. To tell you the truth, I was expecting such luke response, since you cannot possible comprehend blogs in such short time, even less form an opinion and participate in a debate.

I`ll post the mp3 file tomorrow (right now I am still at work), but I think that we should do this again. Maybe in a more open space, at a more convenient hour (think 6 or 7 pm), but still… I think we could all benefit from this type of discussion.

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Audio file of the discussion (.mp3, 19MB, 83 minutes)