It`s official. I received my first xmas card today which means that the season is officially opened. It feels weird, there`s not an ounce of snow to be seen or felt, the work-tempo is still amazing and all and all, there`s nothing there to point out to the fact that we are heading into the second half of December.

Couple of days ago I noticed that there`s quite a commotion around the “Free hugs” action that is going on around Slovenia. Is it just me, or is that the pinnacle of hipocrisy? Serioulsy, the peak of capitalistic bullshit, the word FREE sticking out like and erected cock on a friday night, accompanied by a totally useless word HUG.

Hugs are useless? They are, if you get them from a total stranger who only thinks about hugging the next person. And the next. And the next.

I can see you, rolling your eyes and shaking your heads, thinking Cookie is just an old party pooper. But let me explain my version of the FREE HUGS movement.

Instead of hugging random strangers and getting god knows what kind of diseases off of them, let`s play the 50 EUROS game.

How is it played?

Well, it`s like this. From the 25th of December to the 31th of December you carry a 50 Euros banknote in your pocket. You walk around, living your life, doing nothing out of the ordinary. But then, you give the 50 EUROS note to the first hobo that asks you for some change.

And what if nobody asks you for the whole period of time? Then the sum of 50 Euros moves onto the next round – into the next year`s x-mas time.

How `bout it? I think it beats the hell out of huggin´!

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