It seems that our countrymen have a unique sense of style and symbolism. Tearing down someone`s house in Christmas time is nothing more than an award-winning move. I mean seriously, I know that people wrote way too many posts concerning the Strojan family and I was reasonably quiet the whole time (maybe cause news is something I do for a living now and I did not want to carry my work home), but there is something deeply disturbing about the image of our whole nation that is revealing here. Read more about the Strojan`s at Dancing photography if you will.

There`s an excellent interview with the former ombudsman of Slovenija, Matjaž Hanžek, in the last edition of Mladina. The statement that I think sums the situation to a T is: “When people vote for you because of your certain racial beliefs, you have to stick to your promise, otherwise, your own people will turn against you.”

I understand people are angry and frustrated. I understand their lashing out at the different members of our community. What I don`t understand is the reaction of the politics. Of those who were suppose to be smart and educated and reasonable. And that`s creepy.

Let me relate this subject with Christmas. In my opinion, one of the best carols of all time comes from Iztok Mlakar. In one of his songs, he says:

Malo ljudi je, k radi me majo,
an dosti več tistih, ka slabo mi čjo.
An ka nankar za božič pozabit ne znajo,
če kdaj kej narobe med nami je blo.

Ma sej nič ne rečem, ma sej niso krivi,
človk mona ne rata, se tak že rodi.
Sej niso krivi, zato če so živi,
tud žval ma pravico do tega, da žvi.

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