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11.12.2006  •  Osebno12

Torek, 12.12.2006 12:00 Predavalnica 3 Pridejo: Centrifuga Dancing photography :had: Moje postelje My so-called blog Will you be there?

Apparently, these things happen. Another reason to do your backups regularly. Oh, and this just in…you can now listen to my newest lecture on demystification of the blogosphere. In Slovene, of course. The file is almost 19 MB in size and 83 minutes in length. And you can also download the pdf presentation (.pdf, 300

What: The demystification of the blogosphere – lecture on blogs and journalism When: Tuesday, 5.12.2006 When exactly: High noon (12:00) Where: Faculty of social studies in Ljubljana Where exactly: Classroom no. 3 Punch away!

Be all that you can be…

03.12.2006  •  Osebno13

There seems to be great confusion about what the blogosphere is all about. What is its purpose, its meaning, its goal. Whether or not such a goal even exists. And in how many ways exactly can a blogosphere be defined and described. I for one am in favor of all the blogs that are out

It appears that we have once again sailed into the December, the last month of the year. Although people usually associate it with holidays, xmas (sounds like a drug) and hohoho, I associated with the month that comes just two days AFTER the anniversary of this blog. You see, two years ago, I was going

I have to stop eating pineapple.