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Burst no. 1 – Between working and having fun and working some more, one is left with little to none free time. Burst no. 2 – This still did not stop me from finally seeing a couple of movies and read A book. Burst no. 3 – WordPress 2.1 is not worth the upgrade. Not

Si.blogs on the market

15.01.2007  •  Osebno6

Interesting development. And I think David is actually making the right thing. Selling something while it`s hot when you know you`ve pushed it as far as you could sounds like the right thing to do. It does not even matter who will buy it or for what reason (the label itself is worth more than

If The L Files would be an all-slovene blog…

11.01.2007  •  Books  •   Filmi  •   Osebno12

…what would you call them? Post in comments!

Da so blogi vstopili v medijsko sliko, je jasno. Na tako majhnem medijskem prostoru, kot je Slovenija, se je v zadnjem letu zgodila prava eksplozija blogov, ki jo lahko primerjamo z razvojem tega ljudskega medija drugod po svetu.

Are personal blogs the dead end of the blogosphere? Is the mainstream media hype that envelops them and at the same time does not detect other usage of this great tool that is blog? Why do you even bother reading personal blogs? It is the man? His words? The design? Why do you leave your

Is everyone up to date?

04.01.2007  •  Osebno6

Being new years and all, you`d think a man would get some time off, shoot some pool and relax in a general matter. Well, you`d think wrong. As it turns out, holidays are the only time you can actually get some work done. Catching up and stuff. First thing, the site. With the help

We don`t want your money

01.01.2007  •  Osebno13

Seriously, has the whole country gone mad? Title: We don`t want your dirty money! Act one, scene one: The bookstore in Domžale Mercator center C(ustomer): Hello, I would like to buy this sudoku book. Can I pay in coins? S(hopkeeper): No. C: What do you mean, no? S: Well, ok, you can pay in coins.