Seriously, has the whole country gone mad?

Title: We don`t want your dirty money!

Act one, scene one: The bookstore in Domžale Mercator center

C(ustomer): Hello, I would like to buy this sudoku book. Can I pay in coins?
S(hopkeeper): No.
C: What do you mean, no?
S: Well, ok, you can pay in coins.
C: *opens her purse and starts putting the money on the table*
S: Whoa! You can only pay with silver coins, no brown coins are allowed
S: It`s the rules.

*fade out*

Act one, scene two: Šmarna gora inn
C(ustomer): I`ll have three cakes, these two water bottles and this juice.
I(nnpkeeper): That`ll be 10+ euros.
C: Can I pay with tollars?
I: Sure
C: *opens her purse and starts putting the coins on the table*
I: You`re being rude.

*fade out*

The morale: Some money is better than other. I don`t know what these people expect from euro, when we will use coins only?!