Being new years and all, you`d think a man would get some time off, shoot some pool and relax in a general matter. Well, you`d think wrong. As it turns out, holidays are the only time you can actually get some work done. Catching up and stuff.

First thing, the site. With the help of Matej and Swingman, we managed to turn into into something more shiny shiny-like. Any comments?

Second, the euro thing. Do you know how hard it`ll be to become a millionaire now? I was THIS close to become one in tolars and blam! they go and change everything. Back to the drawing board…

Third, this whole taping of the hanging Sadam thing. Seriously, don`t they have something better to do? And by the looks of it, the whole thing looks fake. The old fox`s probably still alive somewhere, drinking martinis and watching James Bond.

Fourth, our first article on blogs and democracy got published in Medijska preža. Go read it at And please…comment away!

Fifth, where will you be on the 30th of January?

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