Are personal blogs the dead end of the blogosphere? Is the mainstream media hype that envelops them and at the same time does not detect other usage of this great tool that is blog?

Why do you even bother reading personal blogs? It is the man? His words? The design? Why do you leave your mark in a form of a comment on such trivial posts?

How can you expand a personal blog? Increase the dosage of your reality? Where do personal blogs go from here? Are they set for deletion or aimed at stardom?

And what about other type of blogs, those islands in the sea of shouting personalities? How are they perceived by the public? As something better, worse, out of this world? What is a normal blog? When you hear the world blog, which blog comes to your mind first?

Are personal blogs useful to you? Do you see them as something that can help you with something? Did you learn anything from reading personal blogs? Or you read them just to amuse yourself? Is genre of the blog comedy?

Are you proud of your blog? Do you flaunt it? Or do you hide it from public view, changing the address every once in a while just to be sure? Is blog something you keep for yourself or give to others?

What keeps you going?

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