Personal blogs vs. the world


Are personal blogs the dead end of the blogosphere? Is the mainstream media hype that envelops them and at the same time does not detect other usage of this great tool that is blog?

Why do you even bother reading personal blogs? It is the man? His words? The design? Why do you leave your mark in a form of a comment on such trivial posts?

How can you expand a personal blog? Increase the dosage of your reality? Where do personal blogs go from here? Are they set for deletion or aimed at stardom?

And what about other type of blogs, those islands in the sea of shouting personalities? How are they perceived by the public? As something better, worse, out of this world? What is a normal blog? When you hear the world blog, which blog comes to your mind first?

Are personal blogs useful to you? Do you see them as something that can help you with something? Did you learn anything from reading personal blogs? Or you read them just to amuse yourself? Is genre of the blog comedy?

Are you proud of your blog? Do you flaunt it? Or do you hide it from public view, changing the address every once in a while just to be sure? Is blog something you keep for yourself or give to others?

What keeps you going?


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  1. BeeBee

    No. I don’t understand the question, there seems to be a full verb missing.

    To live vicariously through others who have more interesting lives than me, or so different from mine that they fascinate me. So yes, it’s usually the (wo)man, often the words and very rarely the design. Although bad design might keep me away from a blog (yay for feeds!). I don’t usually comment unless I feel I can contribute in some way.

    Expand? Don’t think one can really do that. OK, you can choose to write absolutely everything that happens to you and every thought that crosses your mind, but besides possibly revealing more than you might be comfortable with, it would also be extremely boring. But of course you can make a blog not solely personal. Do personal blogs have to go somewhere further? I don’t think so. Well, no further than the person writing the blog is going. Most of us change with time and so do our blogs (supposedly). Some people don’t. But I guess that’s why we follow personal blogs – to see what’s up with other people, be it change or same old. And most personal blogs are never set for stardom, unless their authors eventually start to think that. Most of us are just there, without an agenda, not really doing much.

    Other blogs are other blogs. Some might be totally boring, some are fascinating in the sense that they are about something I’d never even thought about, and some just wow me. I know it sounds old (and it is), but it’s true: not better or worse, just different. Not really something I think about. I don’t think there is such thing as a normal blog, although I do suppose a personal blog is what first comes to mind when I hear the word. But I’m bieased.

    Useful? Isn’t that a bit hard to define? Does reading them as entertainment make them any less valuable? I shouldn’t think so. And there is really just one blog that I read that is purely entertainment. Others are a mix of entertainment, food for thought, fiction etc.

    Not really. But I’m happy with it. I don’t exactly flaunt it, no, but I don’t hide it from public view either. Whoever sees it, sees it. But then we both know I’ve come a long way in that respect and I can see why someone wouldn’t want just anyone to read their blog. Although that sort of makes one wonder why they even bother with this online thing.

    Just my thoughts. Tis late at night and I’m kind of exhausted, so I might not be making much sense.

    You need to make the reply box bigger.

  2. novala

    It’s either because this person experiences I find interesting or is a good writer and a pleasure to read. The latter you don’t find very often. I read blogs for mere entertainment.

  3. B5

    I’m not so much into personal blogs. I though I’ll write personal things, but then I browse through personal blogs and I realized I really do not care if somebody woke up from warm bed.

    The only personal blog that I visit often is Jonas’s (don’t we all?), but that’s not really personal blog, it’s more a blog of a character that he created. Another personal blog I was reading was a blog of a husband of a women that went to space. The most interesting about that blog was, that it was the most visited blog on worldpress. I occasionally read a post of Mojca Mavec just because she writes so good. I visited them for fun.

    Conserning mainstream media. Mainstream media fuels also from blogs. From blog video of Golobič was stolen by POP TV and Direkt also published Bajuk’s pincode from the footage from My experience with Strojan Roma family is that pictures from my blog was certainly more widely viewed as my images in Mladina.

    Bolgs are gaining their credibility. I don’t think they will replace traditional media, but media will have to incorporate them in their system. I do live from my work at Mladina, but my blog very well coexist with Mladina’s drive.

    Surrprisingly I’m very proud on my blog. I’ve learned immensely! World get ready here I come!

  4. alcessa

    Somehow I tend to consider personal blogs as a nice place for some exchange of information, for chatting, discussions and so on. This may not be their primary aim (that’s what chatrooms are for), but whenever I encounter one divulging interesting personal information, I always get curious about the person behind it. In the same vein, I always hope to start a little/big conversaton about things posted on my blog (though I don’t really like to talk about myself that much – there is nothing new about me – for me). Or at least an exchange of good quotes, statements and so on. I almost always look for humor when reading and also for any kind of intelligence and special style of expression. Personal style is important.

  5. Jayman

    I think blogs can be a vehicle, a way of connecting to an audience and telling stories others are not. Aspiring actors and musicians can show their work via YouTube links and writers (like myself) are able to tell stories and in the case of what I try to do is tell others in the world about this part of Europe that others know little or nothing about and that is a service to everyone, I hope, that is why I blog on this site at least, there is also room for less refined posting too, and fun and meeting people is also a great way to experience blogs.

    In short a blog should have a purpose and goal or it is just cyber clutter your right.

  6. Dejan

    Personal blogs certainly separate interesting from uninteresting (not to say boring) people. That’s obviously a subjective category.

    But it all depends on how you present things and what you present. For example, if somebody writes a blog entry about their day, and concentrate on what they had for lunch, the difference is enormous if the person popped something into a microwave or if the person cooks like a professional chef and can put the recipe and the experience into words well.

  7. B5

    Actually I agree with Dejan. It’s personal side of useful information that’s interesting and the drive to express, to share to communicate.


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