Katarina online…

26.02.2007  •  Osebno0

…see for yourself.

She really is. She just wrote a weekly diary for Vecer plus there`s a fancy caricature that goes with it! The text is located on Vecer website and the caricature, made by the awesome Ciril Horjak is just below this line.

I downgraded…

23.02.2007  •  Osebno0

WordPress 2.1. sucks. 2.1.1 sucks even more. 2.0.9 works like a charm. End of geek talk.

“Katarina” talk-show

22.02.2007  •  Osebno14

Text: After getting some time to rest, here`s some additional info on the show. I am slowly getting used to television not being the best medium to get the message through. Unless you`re Adolf Hitler. Or Bush. I thought that there`s going to be equal time divided between blogs and reality shows, but in reality

You can read part uno at Morska deklica. I got this in the mail today… First of all, what does a microphone in the photo have to do with the rest of the text since it says “articles and press releases for different companies”? Second, “…articles AND press releases…” Sure, I get it. More of

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