After getting some time to rest, here`s some additional info on the show. I am slowly getting used to television not being the best medium to get the message through. Unless you`re Adolf Hitler. Or Bush. I thought that there`s going to be equal time divided between blogs and reality shows, but in reality blogs were there just to…I don`t know…fill the gap?

First of all, mixing blogs and reality television and trying to keep it inside the one-hour time (minus 15 minutes of commercials) frame is a no-go. And if you invite Nika Deu (head of PR who ran the casting for PopStars), Marko Crnkovič (blogger and editor of Blogos portal), Nina Osenar (the cake in the Bachlorette 2), Miro Todososki (winner of the first Balcan reality show) and yours truly, you can`t possible expect to stuff everything in a 45-minutes frame. So they cut blogs time, keeping them at bare minimum. Better luck next time, I guess. So we shot some breeze. What else can a blogger do? 🙂

All in all, nothing too shocking.




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