Hitting Playboy…

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Eppur si muove…

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via BBC.

SOFt report

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This was my first visit to the Slovene advertising festival and I must say, I was disappointed. I imagined something fancy, something “on the level”, but what I got was a winter ski fair. The only thing that was missing was the corn dog and sugar-foam stand. I don`t know who attends these kind of

Hitting the beach…

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let`s talk in images here… + =

Novosti Osvežen prevod izpred enega leta. Odpravljeni nekateri okorni prevodi (in vnešeni novi okorni prevodi ;)) Navodila za inštalacijo 1. Shranite si datoteko slovensko-v2.0.rar na disk. 2. Odprite arhiv in odpakirajte datoteko sl.mo. 3. Če se želite sami igrati s prevodi, naložite program POEDIT, odpakirajte datoteko wordpress.pot in veselo na delo. 2. Povežite se na

Video: Narrated and “camerated” by Matej


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You probably see them every day on your way to work. You probably say hi to them, but you don`t really notice them. They exist only for a fraction of a second, the time it takes you to cross the lobby and hit that elevator button. And then they are gone. Until you are ready

[audio:http://www.ljudmila.org/~savicd/morje07.mp3] (6 minutes)

It`s been a while…

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so let me get the cannons blaring. High time for them, too. The degradation of the journalism, part three (part two and part one) There`s this blog called RazkritoOdkrito. The title does not mean anything, it`s just fancy. You know…fancy. The descriptions says something about revealing star bloggers and what the author basically does is

The whole seventeen minutes show: [audio:http://www.ljudmila.org/~savicd/smarna.mp3]