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  • The degradation of the journalism, part three (part two and part one)

There`s this blog called RazkritoOdkrito. The title does not mean anything, it`s just fancy. You know…fancy. The descriptions says something about revealing star bloggers and what the author basically does is conduct “interviews” with bloggers about their personality, they blogs and so forth. I put interviews in parenthesis because they are not really real interviews but more in the line of a bunch of meaningless questions. This is an interview. This is an interview. And this is an interview. This is just…not an interview.

I am all for citizen journalism and this is not a cease and desist post. It`s just…a critical observation. So, what is wrong with the way “interviews” with bloggers are conducted?

1. Asking the same questions or similar won˙t get you anywhere. The point is to read up on the person you are interviewing and then try and get something special out of them. Even if you are asking the same questions, thinking the interviews are more comparable, you are dead wrong. Asking a milkman and a butcher the same things about cows is just…not cool.

2. Interview is not just a bunch of questions. It has to strive towards something. An interview is not a recreation, but a creation of its own. Many people think that asking questions is the easiest way in the world. Which is why many interviews suck. Because they don`t mean anything. The “journalist” doesn`t follow up, she just skims the surface and that`s it.

3. You have to make it interesting. Asking a milkman about milking cows is the most boring question in the world. But asking a milkman about his favorite sexual position or asking about his dancing skills will brighten up any conversation.

  • Do they thing we are insane?

8th of March and everything. But paying 23 Euros for a single rose? Does it clean your house after it dries up? Sheesh. I bought this and this instead. And it cost less!

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