You probably see them every day on your way to work. You probably say hi to them, but you don`t really notice them. They exist only for a fraction of a second, the time it takes you to cross the lobby and hit that elevator button. And then they are gone. Until you are ready to leave and then they emerge, for another second, like a long-gone memory once again recalled.

Today, I opened my biking season 2007. The Ljubljana - Domžale - Ljubljana route took me a little under two hours, and I decided to go to work directly and skip the part where I go home and change into decent clothes. And take a shower. Anyway…

Ever since my bike got stolen (the thief actually filed off a piece of radiator tube the bike was chained to) I got very careful on where do I leave my bike. So instead of leaving it in front of the building, I asked the doorman if I can park it inside. He was very helpful and when offered to park it in his “office”. I accepted his offer and put a chain on it just in case. “Ah, you don`t need that” he said and I went “You can never be too careful.” and we ended up talking about bike thefts and security.

There`s a story in each and every one of us.

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