This was my first visit to the Slovene advertising festival and I must say, I was disappointed. I imagined something fancy, something “on the level”, but what I got was a winter ski fair. The only thing that was missing was the corn dog and sugar-foam stand.

I don`t know who attends these kind of festivals, but this years bunch ought to get the title “Passivity of the year”. I don`t know why but I got a feeling that most of the people HAD TO be there and they were suffering the whole time.

Second, the whole thing was underlined by web 2.0 topic, yet nobody knew what that means. Our little blogging debate did not get off the ground, because nobody from the audience knew what the hell we were talking about. Creepy. I`ll write up in the next post.

The “Dnevnikov blog” feature however did get off the ground and soared. Never mind the twelve-hour working period or the fact that not everything went as smoothly as we expected. Definitely something we will try again in the future.

All in all, a revealing disappointment.

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