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The analysis:

Driving to the faculty, I was nervous. A thousand things could go wrong and I was imagining all sorts of “doomsday” scenarios which would occur as the preparation for the round table on blogging and advertising went underway. Thank blog for Baya keeping me company and slapping me for reality check every once in a while 🙂

Fortunately, we pulled it off in style, Jonas being the most talkative of the bunch. The debate tried to focus on the advertising aspect of blogging, but we soon realized that “there is a disturbance in the force” and that people are in need of a much more fundamental education in blogs and blogging. Which works for me but it also presents an interesting aspect – we seem to be focusing much too much on the blogosphere itself and much less on the people who are not in the “inner circle” of blogs. People who asks questions like “Why do you blog” and “How do you promote your blogs”.

Which is why I think we must do this again sometime. Getting the knowledge out, instead of keeping it inside and between ourselves. Making it available and open, people being able to ask questions. To inquire and to poke.

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