Who does he think we are?


Attended a lecture today.

Alan Hilburg from the mighty US of A talking to senior students like we were fourth-graders. Not cool. Not cool at all. Word of advice…don˙t go asking people if they know the meaning of the word antagonist and protagonist. And never ever ask a question and then say if someone knows the answer, here`s ten euros.

He may be a hotshot but today, he proved himself to be nothing more than a first class a-hole.


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  1. drejcek

    I’ve noticed that most of foreign (american) lectures are very condesending towards Slovenian students. Like we don’t know any other language and/or are too stupid to understand.
    We had a lectureer from Penn State once. She was cool and all that but she alway spoke very, very slowly so we could understand her. And we were seniors. Of the English department. I dare say most of us could speak & understand English quite well…

  2. jin

    They talk like that because American students are mostly stupid and don’t understand even the basics. 🙂 lol Therefore their behaviour comes from their experience. Poor bastards! 🙂


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