I was wondering…

27.06.2007  •  Osebno9

…where does all the hate in the blogosphere come from? Why is there so much negative energy floating around? And why do people very very seldomly help each other? Or is it just me and my “reputation”? It was a Michael Moore weekend. We saw Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9-11 and Sicko.

When do you…

20.06.2007  •  Osebno0

Marilyn Manson`s in town. It`s a one night stay, he`ll be doing his thing in a monastery (of all places;)) and today we kept ourselves busy with the usual dilema – god and the devil. As I was leaving my workplace, strolling through the city, people were already gathering, all dressed in proper attires for

…I might as well post here and ask for your feedback. I am again seeking the advice of the all-powerful slovene blogosphere. This time, I am curious about my interviews. Here`s my two cents of theory… We try to get the people who are working in the area of e-government and e-democracy. We are trying


12.06.2007  •  Osebno1

no. 1 – Calling slovene photoblogosphere – is there anybody out there who is willing to show off his/her photo skills pro bono once a week tops? Looking for someone to work with us on the E-demokracija.si project. no. 2 – Is there anybody out there who wants to hire a FDV graduate with a

Thanks, Maja H.!