…I might as well post here and ask for your feedback.

I am again seeking the advice of the all-powerful slovene blogosphere. This time, I am curious about my interviews. Here`s my two cents of theory…

We try to get the people who are working in the area of e-government and e-democracy. We are trying to show different aspects of the same phenomenon, while maintaining some critical distance and pointing out things that ought to be mended. We are not “after” our interviewees, preying on their every word and rebuking every claim.

I know that the reading pool of The L files is not a perfect match with the reading pool of E-demokracija.si, but I like to think that my readers glance occasionally over to the E-demokracija.si which updates every Monday at midnight.

And now to the question(s):

  • What do you think of the interviews? Good, bad, mediocre? Too narrow, too wide? Nothing new?
  • Are we “doing” the right people? Who should we do next?
  • Are we being too nice to them? Do you want us to spice it up a little?
  • How many interviews did you listen to? Who did we interview?

Post in comments.

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