Marilyn Manson`s in town. It`s a one night stay, he`ll be doing his thing in a monastery (of all places;)) and today we kept ourselves busy with the usual dilema – god and the devil. As I was leaving my workplace, strolling through the city, people were already gathering, all dressed in proper attires for such an occasion.

It was quite a view, several Marilyn Manson followers spread out on the lawn of the Kongresni trg in Ljubljana, and I was silently cursing myself for not bringing my camera and mp3 recorder with me. And then I kept thinking – when do you stop being a journalist? When do you admit yourself that you can never cover every single event that crosses your way? Even if you try as hard as you can?

I wrote something similar a while ago and I guess I am asking the same question again. Is it the public? Are the people the ultimate judge that says “this goes” and “this does not”? But then, how does the public know what`s missing in its selection? Do they know they are seeing a small range of specter as well?

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