Mogoče se spet malo pozno vključujem v splošno razburjanje ob akciji Koloseja, da bo za superbeden film Transformerji dvorano napolnila z blogerji, ki bodo linkali njihovo stran. Na kratko (s sposojenim citatom) – Oprostite, ampak meni se zdi to super!

We own a Renault Modus. And lately, I feel like ramming it into a brick wall. First off, there was the alarm issue. Every time you unlocked the car with the remote, the alarm went off. We took it to repairs three times before they finally managed to get it right. And even then, it

V času kislih kumaric sta na plano pogledali dve blog-related zadevi, ki definitivno to nista. Če sem v debato o Mojci Mavec in Drugemu domu skočil prepozno, se opravičujem. Navsezadnjem sem bil danes ob enih zjutraj na slavnostnemu začetku prodaje zadnje knjige Harryja Potterja.

Tech question about laptops

17.07.2007  •  Osebno12

I am thinking about buying a laptop. These two made the final cut. Any advice is more than welcome.  vs.  

Not an iPod post…

11.07.2007  •  Osebno2

After two years my two-bit mp3 player finally kicked the dust. Time to get a new one and since I`ve been immensely satisfied with Philips Go Gear SA177 and immensely dissatisfied with the way Apple is treating their customers the last time around, it`s only logical to bump the Philips Go Gear experience up a

Can someone tell me…

02.07.2007  •  Osebno3

…what the hell is the meaning of blogging about sex? For example… Is it a Google thing? Is it…what? I don`t understand why would somebody stick sex in an otherwise completely…erm…sexless…post. Is sex something that helps you raising your coolness factor? No? What is it then?