After two years my two-bit mp3 player finally kicked the dust. Time to get a new one and since I`ve been immensely satisfied with Philips Go Gear SA177 and immensely dissatisfied with the way Apple is treating their customers the last time around, it`s only logical to bump the Philips Go Gear experience up a notch (sheesh). So I went from 177 to 1355. A lot has happened in two years. Not to mention that the price for the new one was almost half the price of the old old yet the new one is twice as good. Go figure.

What does it do? Well…erm…it plays music. And nothing else. You can keep it as a 1GB storage room but that`s about it. What else do you want it to do?

I did notice something funny. Philips is obviously being concerned about the enviroment. Either that or they`re a bunch of cheap bastards. In the first (SA177) I got a long usb cable and a string to hand the player around my neck. This time around the cable was much much shorter and the string wasn`t there. Go figure.

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