Source: WikipediaThis post is for all the people out there who bought a router from Asus company and are complaining about Download manager not working.

Download manager is a piece of software that connects with the Asus router and enables you to download torrents on a portable disk while your main computer is turned off. This is ideal for me, since our apartment is small and I cannot fit another computer in and at the same time do not want my Toshiba laptop to be running day and night.

Installation however is not as easy as it sounds. After attaching my Seagate portable FreeAgent disk to my Asus router, nothing happend and I kept getting weird errors. After I scaned the web for solutions, I figured the situation out. So here`s a quick walktrough.

1. Reformat your portable disk to EXT3 and keep only one partition on it!
2. Enable Download manager on your router
3. Attach your portable disk
4. Enjoy!

The key step is no. 1, since my disk came preformated with NTFS filesystem which did not work with router at all, the reason being that Linux distribution installed on the router, cannot read the NTFS filesystem.

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