Source: ShutterstockThis is so me…just when I graduate from journalism (with the highest grade possible), I realise that I want to do “something else”. I guess spending the last five years in slovene journalistic waters put a dent in my journalistic enthusiasm, making me crave for other type of work.

The main things I dislike at my current position:

  1. Current job has a weird money:time spent at work ratio – in favour of the first, of course.
  2. There are not much ladder rungs I can climb.
  3. I do not see much sense in what I am doing.
  4. There is no real job in sight (I am currently freelancing).

After reviewing my options, I realised that maybe there`s a place for me in the private sector, maybe something less journalistic, yet still creative to a certain degree. I envy Baya`s job. That sounds like a great place to start and I already sent out my CV to certain companies. I`ll be in touch.

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