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30.11.2004  •  Osebno0

Well, I figured out this Blogger HTML code and added my blogroll. More to come I am sure, since I have to add photoblogs as well. These are the ones I read religiously. Sort of. That is all.

Dragon bridge Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Another L issue. The issue of language. People made all sorts of comments when I said I`ll start writing my blog in english. “Why english and not slovene?”, “Why bow to the globalisation and not stand up tall and defend your own colors?”, “Are you stupid?” and similar


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Morning Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. This was taken as I was walking from doctor number one to doctor number two. Sucker for lights I guess and I like the lamps hovering above the road, almost forming another one above the cars. I like walking. Always did. I remember when I was a kid and


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Shadows Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Went to the doctor this morning. This leg thing is bugging me. I feel this sharp pain in my right inner thigh for almost a month now and I finally decided it was time someone checks it out. Plus everybody was saying they are tired of me moaning like

City lights Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. This L is for lights. I am in love with city lights. I don`t know why but they make me go “Ooooohh” in a really high voice that nobody likes and I usually get these weird looks from people passing by. Movies like “Heat” and “Collateral” impress me

Speed at night Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. This one is more of an experiment and it has no “real” value. I guess I was lucky. I was walking home from work, like I always do, taking photos along the way, and all of the sudden I hear a siren. I always shiver when I

I think it`s high time somebody kills Santa Claus. I mean it. They should dispatch an elite team of soldiers, head over to Grenland and shoot the guy. Or better yet, target him with a missile and just let it fly. Cause this guy is starting to get on my nerves. First of all, why


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The last post reads a little funny. “This was designed by Plecnik and is believed to be of unique construction. It`s a bit shaky, I think cause it was cold yesterday…“ By this I mean that the photo is shaky. Not the actual bridge itself. The bridge is strong. Despite the cold. Honestly. Sigh…the art

cimg4317 Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. L stands for Ljubljana. So I guess every once in a while you`ll take a look through my eyes and see this city. Town. Whatever.The Three bridges were constructed due to a particular follow of events. There was an earthquake in 1895 and because Ljubljana was under the government

Biographies are a nice way of saying “I wanna brag about myself.” Which is ok, everyone should stick their…ahem…out for others to see. So, without further ado, here is the list of the things I did (or still do) and were noticed by others. Mobilatorij (this was an edu-project gone bad. Now it`s just a