Recent movies in brief

05.11.2006  •  Filmi0

Death of a president The thing that made this one re-watchable for me was not the subject, but rather the execution. Of the movie. Not of the assasination. The movie is a fake documentary about Bush assasination that takes a year from now. What the makers did is blend real footage of today and edited

The Black Dahlia

11.10.2006  •  Filmi0

When I first read the original by James Ellroy, I did not get one word. The whole story just swooshed by me like a train and I was left confused. This was the book that everybody admired and praised? This confusion? The second time around however, I managed to catch a glimpse of the magic

The lost city

14.09.2006  •  Filmi0

Now this one is a pearl. After “Silent hill”, this movie was a cure for sore brain, eyes and ears. The story revolves around a family in Cuba, before, during and after the revolution. It`s a big family, three sons and all and each of them lives a different life. One goes off to join

Horror movies suck. So why do I keep watching them? Well, for one, I can safely say that I did not see Silent hill. I tried to see it, I was seeing it…but I did not see it. That is because this movie is so confusing, teletubbies make more sense to me. Silent hill is


30.08.2006  •  Filmi2

They are funny. They speak slovene. And that makes them even funnier. This will actually not be a post about the movie itself but rather about the joys and splendors of a synchronized cartoon. It`s almost like a brand new movie and I think that`s the main attraction of this cartoon. Of course, there`s always

The sentinel

26.08.2006  •  Filmi5

Oh. My. God. When did Michael Douglas start playing C-rated action movies? Who also feature Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger? And which have as much story as the first page of a Mickey mouse comic book? It happened. And that`s all I am going to say about this. The L files…watching shit so that you

Two stupid movies

19.08.2006  •  Filmi9

Not gonna waste two posts for this, so here it goes… An American Haunting This is supposedly the most documentated case of super-natural activity in the USA where a ghost actually killed a person. Or so they say. The movie starts in the present, then jumps back to the past, tells the story and jumps

Sequel generally suck. No, I will not go into the debate about which actually suck and which do not, but if there is a trilogy, usually the second part is the weakest. It`s a bridge between 1 and 3 and therefor must not reveal too much and at the same time it must not conceal

Surfs up!

28.06.2006  •  Books  •   Filmi  •   Osebno3

Some have to break their own computer to get away from blogging. Others just don`t know what to say to wrap things up. There are some who blog despite all the crap life throws at them. And then there`s moi. For the past few days, there were two things on my mind. Her degree and

The Forgotten

14.06.2006  •  Filmi0

Since the theatrical choice is poor, a private DVD library will have to do. The Forgotten looks like a “Sixth sense” spin-off where a mother is having tough time facing the loss of her child. Everybody else is trying to convince her that there was no child in the first place and that all she