The Interpretor

17.04.2005  •  Filmi1

Thriler. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn against the conspiracy.


15.03.2005  •  Books0

I know this sounds like a commercial but I managed to get tickets and I am very interested in hearing his lecture. I first met Chomsky when I was travelling to Koper with my TV crew, doing a piece on linux conference. There was this camera man, Slobodan Lubarda, god rest his soul, who was

Million dollar baby

14.03.2005  •  Filmi3

Is euthanasia fair or wrong? Eastwood and Swank in a superb drama.

Star Wars

04.03.2005  •  Filmi10

May the force be with you and reaons why live and prosper just won`t do.

Social drama about a fascist system.

Batang west side! Aiii!

17.02.2005  •  Filmi0

Tour de force. Five hours, one crime.

Michael Mann-ia

05.02.2005  •  Filmi1

Why is Michael Mann so good?


23.12.2004  •  Filmi0

Serial killers and love. Beauty and the beast.

Shattered Glass

14.12.2004  •  Filmi0

Reporter`s dilemma. Lies and fame or truth and oblivion?

Which Movie are you?

10.12.2004  •  Filmi0

What Classic Movie Are You?personality tests by