[A] graduate from the field of journalism at the Ljubljana Faculty of social studies, Domen Savič spent the last ten years exploring the field of digital media and communications in the modern era where everything is connected and none of it matters.

[F]ollowing a stint in journalism, he crossed the river and went into advertising where he spent the next few years working on different digital campaigns for major slovene clients, writing ad copies, managing projects and handling some information architecture.

[U]nconvinced that the online advertising is where the money’s at, he starts his own company doing basically the same thing only 100% better. With a small group of merry men and one not so merry but highly efficient and lovable woman, they sail the online oceans for a year and a half, creating website, running promotional campaigns and finally closing the company down in order to go work for Ekipa2 d.o.o, a slovenian subsidiary of Outfit7 Ltd. Yes, people with talking cats.

[N]ow he spends his days taking care of virtual cats, dogs, parrots, giraffes and other assorted animals, thinking up clever ways for them to communicate with a global audience. Fun and games, really.

[G]rowing older does not mean you have to stop being a kid. Being a kid enables you to play with legos, make online TV shows and run several projects that you just cannot do when you’re an adult. Cause you know … it’s not appropriate.

[U]tterly enamored with the world wide web and interested in various ways people communicate in the modern age, he’s also participating in the E-demokracija.si project which he co-heads with his girlfriend. He’s also running his own online cooking show Medijska kuhinja, writes for the Monitor Pro tech magazine, organizes round tables, gives lectures and so on.

[Y]ou might say “Jees, this guy sounds fun!” and you’ll notice I’ve been telling you that from the beginning. Or maybe not. It’s all in the wrist.

Wanna get in touch? Please do.

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