Domen Savič

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

  • // digital activist //
    I head up the digital rights NGO “Citizen D” which focuses on digital rights, media literacy and active citizenship.
  • // researcher //
    I research fields of digital rights, privacy and security and active citizenship in an information society.
  • // journalist //
    I write for local/global news outlets on the topics of digital economy, digital rights and privacy.


  • Articles on the intersection of tech and society / articles
  • Digital security for journalists / training
  • Biometric surveillance investigations / study
  • Podcast on digital rights / website
  • Spreading propaganda and disinformation using public funds / study


  • Bellingcat / How Janez Janša’s Media Empire Pushed Slovenia’s Extremes into the Mainstream / link
  • The Europeans / Your Face Looks Familiar / link
  • Béton Bleu / “People are not aware of their powers and their capabilities as citizens and/or consumers. We try to mitigate that.” / link
  • EuroActiv / Ukrainian war, Russian disinformation / link
  • Wired / Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System / link
  • Foreign Policy / Slovenia’s Prime Minister Is a Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist / link


You can reach me at or Signal at +38631432028

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