Hey, hey. I`m slacking at pouncing this blog three times a day minimum. Must get better! 😉

Anyway, a fun day, saw two movies and one of them was “The Incredibles!”. Wooo-hooo. Good one. Liked it tremedously. It`s like mixing Indiana Jones and X-men together. Funny! Graphics are cool too and the dialogues are hilarious. Rock on, Pixar!

We (as in I) are setting things up for a workshop in 2D graphics that will take place from thursday to saturday. Hope everything goes well cause boy are these people “confused”. Let`s just cross our fingers and hope for the best. It does not work usually but I`m an optimist.

Left work early due to insufficient food level and the fact that I forgot my wallet at home. How did it happen? Well, I took the long route to work and went to pay the phone bill and to mail the letter to Deborah. And I usually prepare the amount of money needed to pay the bill in advance and stick it in the same envelope with the bill. So in all that confusion (ya right) I simply forgot the wallet at home. Silly me. And so I left early (which means at five o`clock), came home, pillaged the refrigerator, took a nap and then made myself a cup of tea.

Flavour of the past few days is Zero 7, got it off the “Garden State” soundtrack. Home page here, but it`s nothing special. Nor good. Music is way better. Brit-trip-hop.

It`s getting cold and I mean really cold. Have to find my cap and maybe start wearing a coat. Autumn is definitely over. Now if we could just get some of that nifty snow.

Have to get up early tomorrow, have a doctor`s appointment. That leg thing just won`t go away. Maybe I am getting old. Bah.

According to current result of my poll, more people prefer to love than be loved. Which is exactly how I feel. I almost forgot…I heard three good “stories” yesterday on the concert and I decided I will share them with you. How lucky can you get, huh?

Anyway, first story is about this cruel general who threatened to wipe out this small town which was under siege for months. But in a spur of the moment, he promised to let the women and children go and they could take as much valuables with them as much they can carry on their backs. And the next morning when the city gate opened the children went in front of their mothers who carried their husbands on their backs.

Second story…shit. I forgot. Anyway, something with love too. And the third one too. Gah. Where`s my garlic paste?

Thinking about putting together another list. I am not a big fan of lists as they are nothing but space filler and they support laziness but I guess we are all lazy from time to time. Anyway, this list is the most boring one of them all but I guess all lists are boring. And I guess I use the phrase “I guess…” much too often. I guess. Damn. Stop it. Anyway, for now, I will make it a poll question and we`ll see how it goes.

I added another blog to my blogroll and as noticed I changed the poll question. And now I think I`ll be striking into my horizonal pose as I have to get up early and go see a doctor. Gah. It was a good day nonetheless. Feel loved. Good night.